Below are the list of topics we are planning on covering over the course of 25 weeks. Feel free to suggest other topics or provide us with some feedback in comments section :

  1. Introduction to Salesforce, Variables, Data Types, & Developer Console
  2. Conditional Statements, Loops
  3. Classes, Object, Interface, Abstract Class, Inheritance
  4. Basics of SOQL & Best Practices
  5. Test Classes, 20 line rule, Best Practices of writing Test Classes
  6. Performing DML & Error Handling
  7. REST Callout
  8. SOAP Callout
  9. External Services
  10. Create REST API and how to use cURL
  11. Basics of Trigger
  12. Trigger – Advanced
  13. Basics of HTML
  14. Basics of JavaScript
  15. Hello Lightning Component
  16. Communication between Lightning Components using Event
  17. Asynchronous Apex – Future, Queue-able
  18. Scheduler & Batch Apex
  19. TBD (Topic as per feedbacks)
  20. Design Pattern – Gang of Four
  21. Design Pattern – 2 (Including Trigger Factory Pattern)
  22. Design Pattern – 3
  23. Design Pattern – 4
  24. Introduction to ANT
  25. Salesforce DX

Happy Coding !!!

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  1. Hi sir,
    I want to join this course. So please send me the details from when it is going to begin and how we have to register for this.

  2. Hi Jitendra,

    I am a huge fan of your blog and looking forward to this series.
    Can you please make sure if you can show as how to set up Visual Studio Code to do Salesforce coding and debugging.
    It would be a huge help to all.


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