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Jitendra Zaa

Jitendra Zaa

Jitendra Zaa is Sr Technical Architect and polyglot programmer working on Salesforce since 2008. Jitendra Zaa is founder of PathToCode and has 21 Salesforce Certifications under his arsenal. He has been awarded as a Salesforce MVP since 2014. He maintains blog and YouTube channel to share latest learning and tips about Salesforce. You can follow him on Twitter @JitendraZaa

Maria Belli

Maria Belli

Maria is a self-taught Salesforce admin who has been working on the platform since 2010. She has been a Salesforce MVP since 2013, is 4x certified, and is the founder and co-leader of the Hartford, CT Salesforce Developer Group. You can follow her on Twitter @JustAGirlyGeek

2019 Team

Amit Chaudhary

Amit is Salesforce MVP and founder/Co-organizer of Farmington Hills Developer Group and ApexHours. He a active blogger. Here is his blog and YouTube channel. You can follow him on Twitter @amit_sfdc

Jigar Shah

Jigar is a Salesforce Solution Architect and co-organizer for the SalesforceApexHours webinar series. He has been working with Salesforce since 2007, 3x certified, and is a speaker at multiple global Salesforce community events. He blogs at learnsfdcwithjigar. You can follow him on Twitter @jigarshah189

Abhilasha Singh

Abhilasha is a Salesforce MVP and a Salesforce India WIT Leader. She is also an active blogger, a RAD Women Coach, is 4x Salesforce certified, a Trailblazer with 500+ trailhead badges, and a GDI Atlanta member. Read more about her #Trailblazer Story. She blogs on TechieGirl☁ and occasionally on Medium. Follow her on Twitter @Sweety_Abhi.

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